Blog Rewrite: Keeping up with Technology
September 17, 2017

Front-end ecosystem is a strange place. UI frameworks rise and fall faster than the characters on Game of Thrones. It has been over a year and a half since I’ve been doing UI development full time, and over the period, I’ve learnt and unlearnt a lot of things.

I started out with jQuery then AngularJS, tried a bit of BackboneJS and finally jumped on the hype train to React town.

When I was building my first blogging site 3 years ago, UI development was kinda of tedious. The site was a simple Django powered site with a bit of jQuery. No frameworks, no fancy css-in-js, no dev productivity tools.

But today there is a plethora of UI frameworks, dev-tooling of your wildest dreams and stronger than ever online community.

So to keep up with the changing times, I’ve re-written the blog using the latest tech stack.

I’ll follow up with a post deep diving into the tech under the hood. The main intention for the rewrite was to teach myself new concepts and libraries. Writing my own blog lets me experiment with a lot of really cool tech, a lesson I learnt from James Long. The site isn’t that pretty to look at right now, hope I’ll get to remedy that soon.

Anyway, it has been a long journey, but worth it. Started from jQuery, now we are here!

I’m looking forward to the new developments in web tech and to share my thoughts and projects with the rest of the community.